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Our top money saving wedding ideas you need to know

money saving wedding ideas

Increasingly people are opting for a more personal and intimate wedding, especially during the current climate we are dealing with. Coronavirus has really highlighted the importance of our nearest and dearest and although it can be distressing for the size of weddings to be curtailed it does mean that the overall cost of a wedding is dramatically reduced. We have taken a look at some of the top money saving tips for a wonderful wedding.

Keep it local

Instead of getting married from a fancy hotel why not try getting married from your home. There is something lovely about making memories like this. From the night before the wedding, to the morning of the wedding and the excitement of receiving the flower delivery of your bouquet and getting ready. It will give you a warm feeling when you think of your home, akin to when you bring your babies home from the hospital for their first night, weeks, months and years.

Do it yourself

We’ve found a wonderful company specialising in DIY wedding invitations. Take a look at Wowvow who take pride in allowing Brides and Grooms to make their invites custom to them. The site sells a variety of different materials to create the perfect invites.

Keep it simple

Why not ask friends and families who have their own gardens to pick blooms to decorate the church and reception. A simple glass jam jar hung from the seats nearest the aisle can give a gorgeous homemade feel to your wedding, and certainly will save a good few pounds in the bank.


Everybody loves a wedding and people are overjoyed to be able to help. Why not ask a local farmer if you can borrow some hay bales to make seats for your guests? You could ask everyone to bring a blanket to cover their bale which will provide an eclectic combination of colours and designs and will mean that you don’t need to spend out on buying them. Similarly, asking people to save their jam jars and drop them to your home before the event will give you plenty to make flower arrangements in or to decorate ready for little tea lights as the night starts to fall.

Keep it small

There is something lovely about restricting numbers, whether we need to or not, and one of the biggest benefits (aside from your bank balance) is that you can spend time with each of your guests. It’s such a special day and being able to take the time to really enjoy it and be ‘in the moment’ will help you to look back on it all with an overwhelming sense of joy.